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Over these past few weeks, we have been reviewing various types of Sufficient & Necessary statements. We are now a little under two weeks away, and your LSAT prep should be in full gear. So how about we have a mixed review of how to diagram different S & N statements? Let’s begin! (1) “If […]
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Alright my LSAT prep friends, we are a little under three weeks away from the June LSAT. There’s no need to panic or stress out. You’ve been studying at a good pace so far and all you need to do is focus on your prep and really buckle down on reviewing and analyzing. Just think, […]
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As you continue with your LSAT prep, you will face many kinds of logical fallacies. Eventually, I hope to cover them all with you so that you will be able to recognize each one on the exam. Today we will go over the fallacy of equivocation. What is an equivocation? An equivocation is the use […]
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We know that the main indicator for a sufficient condition is the word “if.” Most often the word “if” will introduce the condition that will sit to the left of our Sufficient & Necessary arrow (an exception is when we are faced with “only if,” which introduces a necessary condition). Today, I wanted to go over the […]
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LSATMax is hands down the best way to prep for the LSAT. Whether you have months or weeks until your LSAT, you can go at your own pace and learn at a speed that is comfortable for you.
David Stoddard- LSATMax Student
LSATMax is by far the best investment I have made in my educational career.
Curtis Hinca- LSATMax Student
I tried studying on my own with books and practice tests but was overwhelmed by trying to independently learn all of the information and strategies to be successful on the test. This app has made my studying 100x more productive.
Kelley Alexis Sheek- LSATMax Student
LSATMax was a perfect fit for me and conducive to my schedule. Before I found this app, I didn’t know where to start. The organization and quality of each video was so helpful.
Odessa Stevens- LSATMax Student